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Sep 10 2014


A famous quote in the advertising world today

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need” Source: Will Rogers

Brands all over advertise market and attract customers from all around in order to suffice in the competitive global era today. It is the creativity in which one needs to excel in order to become the market giant.

A beautiful idea that made this brand sell to millions “tea bag hangers” So that your tea bags never float away or slip away in your hot tea ever!
Media today is filled with creative geniuses that come up with new ideas and strategies every minute to sell their brand more exuberantly in the modern markets. We appreciate, acknowledge and promote the works of such minds. In order to make the brand more sought-after in expressions of looks and functionality new ideas are adopted all over.

It is the aim to make your identity different and more unique than your competitor brands. Thus Calvin Coolidge rightly said “Advertising is the life of trade”. The more you advertise the more you are selling and that is not a fact but a strategy adopted by the many giants in the marketing world today hence advertising has become a fashion and one which doesn’t wear off so easy!