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Sep 10 2014


Generally the advertising campaigns are made on the basis of harmony for all media and radio commercials are usually extracted from the TV commercial of a brand, either it is a jingle, dialogue or voice over based commercial.

imagesThe objective in this extraction is usually to establish harmony in the media campaign and to increase the resale value as listeners of radio channels and viewers of TV channels are considered as same and as selected on the basis of their of their demographics and psycho-graphics during the creative brainstorming.

However , with the innovation in radio transmission, new trends of listener-ship, interactivity and incremental listener-ship of radio channels , the advertising creativity , making of the communication messages for the brands has provoked new ideas to capture the radio based audience for the brand or any other public or social service messages .

Tailor made messages for the brand promotion specifically through radio would create a new market for the brands and would also reach through very economical production cost of making of radio messages, Since the radio stations are very deeply penetrated even in remote areas and small towns, therefore making the messages according to the lifestyle and languages of particular residents can also be more productive for the acceptance and acknowledgement of the brand.

The cost effectiveness in terms of radio media rates is also a factor for getting maximum reach in lowest cost.

Sep 10 2014


20140307-malaysia-plane-lost-crash-300x168Again its about the role of media , which is quite positive and highly informative for everyone in the world and specially through the continued transmission of global investigation the families and friends of disappeared families are engaged with a hope and media have proven itself to be source of communication , which is gathering all world at one place and every one is praying for some positive end of the disaster .
However , the state of procrastination in this havoc situation brings lots of stress on minds for everyone in the world . As the mystery is getting deeper and deeper with every passing day but media itself have engaged the experts all around the world  to ponder upon the biggest  dilemma in the history of aviation .
Media is playing a key role , either its social , digital , electronic or print , every feeder is bringing top minds on board to share their experience and to resolve the mystery , which no doubt would be helping the on going official investigation .

Sep 10 2014


If you are working in a media buying company or as media manager or even an account manager , servicing the client giving them suggestions about their communication strategies and about the promotion of their brands . As in how could they reach to right target audience with minimum spent of money getting maximum exposure and highest return of their investment. The TV channels seems to them as most interesting , thrilling and electrified source of communication to disseminate their creative message . The most frequent question they ask you , every day is . What do people actually watch on TV ?

Besides the availability of people’s meter data , though its sample size remains a question , but still they want to know what do people actually watch on TV, which channel , which genre , which time , which program and so on and so forth . Its a series of questions and sometimes a serial adding new details with some occasions or any on going event like of sports usually.

The brand sellers look for buyers , where they are and what they watching , reach them catch them convince them and bring them to malls and they ask for your brand .Females house wives , 30 plus, metros , house hold income more then 2000 dollars a month , Well its the best SEC , every one is crazy to communicate with them to make their skins glow , to make it pimples free , selling them a refrigerator in winters , so its a very pertinent question what do they watch .The researchers and survey companies are continuously asking the potential consumers and customers , what do they watch on tv and it goes on :)

Sep 10 2014


First of all it has been redefined , what we use to call media in the past.We used to get a newspaper in the morning or a tabloid from a bus stop , reading it all the way to our destinations or we switch on the tv to get the latest updates about the happenings ,which were a lot around the world but there were less happenings known to us at every hour .Not to mention a nostalgia attached to a traditional voice of radio , either its BBC or any other popular one that tells you the stories of worlds far away from you . Now its hard to skip exposure , every thing is in your hand every moment , are we knowing a lot ,seeking a lot , cant really say if we are learning a lot but we are some how bound to watch and hear the unwanted stuff.

Media is no more the Print and electronic only , can we live without the new media ?

Sep 10 2014


The world has seen many centuries , thousands of them , most of them unrecorded and it seems the time of black and white pictures have been changed and a new era of digitization have changed the whole scenario of human life . The generations of next centuries shall be considering us as media freaks . Will the world see the time again without Facebook and other social media and digital media addictions