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Sep 10 2014


Access-To-Information-300x266This is the century of internet if we say so, it would not be taken as a loud and bold statement, it’s spreading like a plague all across the globe, changing values and cultures and making the world more informed about any happening before the mix of radio or camera of tv channels reached to the places of happenings.
The photo transfer through mobiles spreads the news in the entire world through social media and news agencies get to know through some immature passionate wannabe a journalist of the street who becomes the initiator of the news, which could might be the interest of the whole world or might not be liked the way it gets leaked through a disorganized new medium, controlled by million of its contributors.

Do we need new media ethics about the right to know and right to say in this growing industry, where anyone can share his her views and reviews about any topic under the sun or even beyond the sun and disinformation is the most possible threat in this case.

Sep 10 2014


M18-300x193Gaming has been always in trend among youngsters. When gamer start playing video game they get so much into it that they forget everything else and get into the character.As you know the technology has been advanced and the medium of entertainment has been increased as well. Mobile games are becoming an increasingly important in market worldwide and currently there are thousands of games that are being uploaded in market on daily basis.
People of all ages teenagers, adult’s even senior citizens everyone love playing games on their smart phones, as they keep them busy and a quality time is  spend when you are playing games. However some play games just to kill and some of them are active players and are really addictive to playing games.

images-1The competition is so high when it comes to gaming studio as gaming market is in developing stage, whether you are talking about android or IOS play store. One needs to keep everything mind graphics , animation ,marketing ,idea, innovation  and in the end its all dependent on luck.

Sep 10 2014


Today the process of learning is getting faster than ever before because of rapid extension of medium which is providing more communication opportunities to masses. Era of Globalization exploring the world of knowledge & developing a structure consisting of commercialization of news, new media technologies & media regulations, in the result an effective cooperation through global connection generates interactive communication.