Sep 10 2014


850-creativity-see-differently-300x167What is creativity? Is a question which is answered in so many ways by so many people yet the question is still not answered because everyone has their own opinion about creativity. Most of the people consider that being unique, weird and to some extent crazy is creativity; you just need to be out of the box to be creative. But is this how it works? In 21st century the competition at every point is so high weather its school, office or even your own social circle. To be something you need to stand out .Stand out to be creative. That people force themselves to become creative but in actuality they are just trying to be different no wonder what kind of different they are trying to be.

Point is where this concept or definition of creativity came from, why does being different is thought to be being creative. Because being creative is something that demands courage as people would mostly not accept your ideas as they would be new, they would be different as you would be thinking loud. But the question is if five people are smart and sixth one is stupid or below average does it means he’s creative? Same as there are two boxes, one of the boxes is simple and strong that you could put anything in it as you want but on the other hand the other box is very decorative but you cannot put anything in it because if you did it would get smashed. So what is the point of having a box that you cannot just use it? There is a slit difference in being creative and being stupid. Creativity is being misunderstood nowadays. To be creative you do not need to force yourself as it’s something that comes from inner self , you just need to be natural , you need to be original and you should not go with the boring routine.

Quotation-Edwin-H-Land-stupidity-creativity-inspiration-Meetville-Quotes-230780-300x204According to Elbert Einstein “The secret of creativity is to know how to hide your sources”Well that’s how generally we misunderstood creativity. Creative people are inborn and when it comes to actually produce something creative then creativity is not just an art, we do apply science .There are always facts behind why some ideas worked and why some did not even being productive. That is where one needs to get professional assistance. The point is to create something that suits the actual situation the need of that idea. Your idea might be good but it could be at wrong place. Being different just for the sake of being different isn’t it, either. The most obvious answer is often the least creative approach. The best creative solutions usually come from the least expected places or people.

Quotation-Joel-T-Mcgrath-stupidity-creativity-Meetville-Quotes-6481-300x204Creativity calls for courage. It demands hard work and determination. Creative thinkers are great catalysts for business-boosting creativity. That’s why we look for professional assistance and work with these types of companies. That’s the reason we say the work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it

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