Sep 10 2014


social-media-300x175If the class room is the heart of education then today the media centre is its soul. Media not only impacts but educates as well, especially when it comes to social media. In 21st century there are no boundaries and no knowledge or information which is kept hidden and luckily if you have hunger to achieve knowledge and crave to explore the philosophies of life then the best source you could avail yourself from is media. It not only opens your mind towards different directions but educates you as well. In the past if you need to gain knowledge you have to travel miles away to a certain scholar to teach you and its not even necessary that he would agree to teach you.
But now you can gain all the knowledge you desire and get educated with in clicks through media and get connected with wide range of people and school of thoughts. Getting educated was never this easy before. Not only by this, but educational possibilities increase by sharing and exchanging information and views through media.
Social construction, a widely appreciated and accepted theory among educators, tells us that knowledge is constructed with in social context.

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