Sep 10 2014


images-300x110A prisoner was about to be executed. Just before execution the officer asked him about his last request he said, “I WANT TO UPDATE MY FACEBOOK STATUS”
Passing through college corridor’s, sitting in the class room,talking on the phone with friends and even on family functions everyone is gossiping about facebook,facebook and facebook. Facebook updates status pictures etc. Especially teenagers, it seems all they live for is facebook…..duh. Whatever they do they write it down on facebook as status. When they are on functions they are busy in taking pictures just to upload them on facebook and even if they have to talk to their friends they choose facebook as medium.

I am myself user of facebook but I use it to certain extent. I am not as addicted as today’s generating is. Maybe because I have grownup and  become mature enough to indulge myself in such waste of time activities. Although when I remember myself as a teenager I was myself addicted to orkut. It was social networking site “IN” at that time, but it was different or may be all of us are same and when we have passed through that time and see others the way we were. We say as an excuses that our time was different we were not the way they are because somehow we feel embrace inside that we were so stupid or immature.

Still I would say I was not as addicted as teenagers are nowadays. Even I think they are not using the technology rightly. One day I was uploading my status and my cousin sitting next to me was reading it. She did not said me anything and after few minutes she said “I need to use my facebook account” I said sure why not and then what she did was ,commented on my statues and after that she told me to check my status as she have commented on it . I said I am doing some work right now why not you just tell me what you have written. She said no its ok check it later and then comment but she will not tell me now. Is not it weird? Technology is advanced to shorten the distance or to make distance. And I have found myself in such situations often.

We use technology just for wasting our time or for fun not for some useful purpose. I have a cousin who is just sixteen years old. She uploads her status at least 6 to 8 times a day and then almost 12 to 14 people comment on her statues. Even she talks to her friends for hours on phone and daily meet each other in school also. Now you tell me what I should call this…. Yes she is addicted to facebook and wastes her time on it.

Cases in which you will see facebook freaks are very common. Yesterday while I was sitting in classroom listening to teachers lecture which was really getting boring seriously trust me and it was making me sleep so I roamed my eyes. I saw one of my friend using cell phone sitting in next row. I asked hey waz up? She said just uploading my statues on facebook. I asked if anything special to be updated. She said Na just writing down that class is getting very boring……is not it freaky why people are indulge in facebook so much?

I don’t say using facebook or other social networking sites is bad thing but getting addicted to anything is not good. Even on facebook you don’t leave any room or space for yourself. You write down everything, upload all your photos and expose yourself in front of everyone. As on facebook everyone in your friend list are not your friend. Even in my account I have 101 friends and approximately 50 of them may be to whom I may just say “HI” to. But they would know so much about me through facebook.

So to some extent facebook do have benefits. It keeps you up-to-date about everyone and there is too much gossip to share. But teenagers are not meant to indulge themselves in all this all the time. What they are always doing. At this period of life they should be learning new things and adventuring the hidden things.

Foremost by using facebook so much all their activities have become indoor and linked with compute you can say. They have made themselves too limited and it’s not only waste of time but also injuries for their health. Because too much use of computer leads to different health problems and they need to realize it. They should take part n sports or other extra curricular activities and live their life to full extent. As too much use of facebook is just waste of time. So realize it until it is too late and you find out you have large number of social network posts, pictures, comments but no living memories to remember….

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